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Applying to NIE

Started in 2005, the Professional Development Continuum Model (PDCM) scheme provides graduate teachers of Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) with alternative pathways to higher certification. This scheme, developed in collaboration with MOE, aims at motivating teachers to keep relevant in content proficiency and pedagogy. Most of NIE’s Master’s degree programmes are available under this scheme. Since August 2012, the “enhanced” scheme is called the Enhanced Professional Development Continuum Model (Enhanced PDCM) replacing the former PDCM 433.

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Graduate Attributes and Competencies Framework

Graduate Attributes and Competencies Framework

NIE is historically rooted in its primary mission of preparing teachers. Today, those who complete our graduate programmes are more broadly prepared for work both in and outside of education. Whatever their fields, NIE graduates of master’s programmes are equipped with the skills, knowledge and dispositions to frame, explore and solve problems. Graduates of these NIE programmes are committed to serving the communities of which they are a part in reflective, ethical and caring ways. They are able to come together with diverse others, listening in order to expand their own understanding.

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General Guides
Programme Administration
  • Application to Switch Programmes
  • Extension of Candidature
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • Switch Mode of Study
  • Withdrawal from Programme

Course Administration
  • Course Add/Drop & Confirmation
  • Course Exemption / Credit Transfer

Student Administration
  • NIE Indemnity Form
  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Student Services Centre (SSC)
  • NIE PhD Scholarship Holders and PT Employment

Academic Integrity
Academic Resources
  • Thesis Writing: The Successful Way - presentation by A/P R. Subramaniam (NSSE) (November 2011)
  • Please view the following four online videos (on-campus access only):
    • The good presentation video [electronic resource]
    • The good doctorate video [electronic resource]: how to complete it on time
    • The good supervision video [electronic resource]
    • The good viva video [electronic resource]
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Ethical Clearance for Research
  • Procedure regarding application of approval letters from DAC, MOE, and NTU-IRB, AG ERC or GPL ERC

  • Grading System
  • Online Release of Examination Results
  • Use of Calculators at Institute Examinations
  • Examination Timetable
  • File for Graduation
  • Academic Progress Report


Dissertation (Coursework)

  • Application for Dissertation Route
  • Change of Supervisor form
  • Change of Co-Supervisor form

    Submission of Dissertation for Examination
  • Submission of Dissertation for Examination
  • Format for Ringbound and Final Dissertation
  • Thesis/Dissertation Declaration Statements (Template)

    Submission of Amended Dissertation for Re-examination
  • Submission of Amended Ring-bound Dissertation
  • Format for Summary of Action Taken List

    Submission of Final Dissertation
  • Submission of Final Dissertation
  • Restricting Access to Dissertation
  • Format for Ringbound and Final Dissertation
  • Thesis/Dissertation Declaration Statements (Template)

  • Transfer to Coursework-Only Route
Other Leave (for Research students only)
  • 21-days personal leave
  • Conference Leave
  • Overseas Attachment Leave
Initial Target Setting Report / Academic Progress Checklist for Higher Degree by Research Students

Confirmation/Conversion of Candidature
  • Application for Extension of Confirmation of Candidature (student-initiated ISAAC online form)
  • Notification to Initiate Action for Confirmation/Conversion of Candidature (student-initiated ISAAC online form)
  • Submission of confirmation Document form (student-initiated ISAAC online form)
  • Yearly Progress Report (student-initiated ISAAC online form)
  • Summary of Seminars form
Guidelines Related to Confirmation/Conversion of Candidature
  • Masters by Research Confirmation Guidelines
  • PhD Confirmation and Conversion Guidelines
Thesis (Research)
  • Format of Thesis
  • Change of Research Supervisor or Co-Supervisor (student-initiated ISAAC online form)
  • Submission of Thesis for Examination form
  • Summary of Seminars form
  • Submission of Amended Ringbound Thesis form
  • Restricting Access to Thesis/Dissertation form
  • Summary of Actions Taken (Template)
  • Submission of Final Thesis/Dissertation form
  • Thesis/Declaration Statements (Template)
Higher Degree by Research - Seminar Schedules

Communications/Writing Training Programme (only applicable for PhD students from August 2019 onwards)
  • Please refer to the Qualifying Examination tab
EdD DA Forms
  • Assignment Cover Sheet
  • IFS Proposal Cover Sheet
  • IFS Report Submission Form
  • Guidelines for Writing IFS Proposal
  • Submission of FPR and Thesis Proposal Form
  • Change of IFS / Thesis Title and Supervisor / Co-Supervisor
Dissertation (NIE EdD)

  • Nomination of Supervisor(s) form
  • Change of Supervisor form
  • Change of Co-Supervisor form

    Dissertation Seminar
  • Guidelines for Dissertation Seminar
  • Submission of Research Proposal form
  • Submission of Amended Research Proposal form

    Dissertation Examination
  • Submission of Dissertation for Examination form
  • Submission of Amended Dissertation form
  • Submission of Final Dissertation form
  • Format for NIE EdD Dissertation
  • Format for Summary of Actions Taken List
  • Thesis/Dissertation Declaration Statements (Template)
  • Restricting Access to Dissertation

    Programme Progression
  • Coursework Plan
  • Yearly Progress Report / Completion Plan
Course Registration Instructions for AUGUST 2020 SEMESTER
  1. NIE students, please register for courses from 27 July 2020 (9am) to 29 July 2020 (5pm) via the HD Online Course Registration System.
    The Add/Drop period is from 10 August 2020 (9am) to 24 August 2020 (5pm).
  2. NTU and NUS students, please contact masterscourse@nie.edu.sg
  3. General public, please contact inservice@nie.edu.sg

Course Timetables - August 2020 Semester
  • Higher Degrees by Coursework (as at 26 August 2020)
  • Special Topics Courses (for Research students) (as at 26 August 2020)

For Recommended Study Plan, please click here.

Please note that timetable is subject to changes. Students are required to check the timetable again one week before the commencement of the semester, which is on 11 August 2020 (Tuesday). The timetables will not be updated after the Add/Drop period and are accurate as of the dates of posting.
The Professional Development Continuum Model (PDCM) scheme is only applicable up to the January 2020 intake. The scheme will no longer be available after the January 2020 intake.
  • MOE Sponsored Graduate Teachers
  • Enhancing your graduate education with the highest level of research opportunities and resources to delve deep, hone expertise, seek innovation solutions, pair with peers, and present and publish.

    Publication / Journal-related

    List of publications by NIE

    Below are links to open access journals and journal ranking. These are external sites and do not have any affiliation with NIE.
    Research-related Tools

    Theses and Dissertations by our Higher Degree Students
    Please note that the lists refer to ongoing theses and dissertation work by our Higher Degree students. For their completed work, please refer to the NIE Digital Repository.

    The link for the Orientation slides and other resources can be viewed here.

    Each year, outstanding professors in the field of education and various disciplines are hosted under the NIE Higher Degrees Distinguished Speaker Series. The aim of this series is to stimulate academic discussions and encourage scholarship in critical issues in graduate education and research for Singapore schools and the broader education community. Please access the publications and videos here.

    Founded in 1950 as a Teachers' Training College library, the NIE Library and Information Services Centre is the largest education library in Singapore.

    It is located at Nanyang Technological University. The Library provides resources to support the teaching, learning and research programmes of the Institute. It also reaches out to meet the needs of the education professionals in the Ministry of Education, schools and other related organisations.

    IN-Learning’s key focus areas include initiating innovative and technology mediated pedagogies, support for a professional development framework for faculty, student teachers and non-academic staff, and forging key alliances with global technology leaders in education.

    Explore our sites and resources: 

    GRAD Centre

    NIE GRAD Centre

    The GRAD Centre falls under the purview of the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL). It is directed by the Head of the GRAD Centre and managed by the GRAD Centre Manager. Centre services, workshops, and other academic activities are supported by a dedicated team of Higher Degree (HD) student volunteers, NIE faculty members, LIBRIS, and part-time consultants.

    Click here to visit their website.

    NIE Graduate Student Club

    NIE Graduate Student Club (NIEGSC)

    To foster a cohesive, conducive, and vibrant environment by championing students' rights and organising meaningful as well as engaging activities targeted at graduate students

    Click here to visit NIEGSC's webpage.

    Wellness Centre

    NIE Wellness Centre

    The NIE Wellness Centre offers affordable psychological services and counselling of a high standard to all NIE-NTU staff and students and to the general public. The centre also functions as a unit that trains postgraduate educational psychology and counselling students.

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    Student Services Centre

    NIE Student Services Centre

    The Student Services Centre (SSC) is conveniently located at NIE Administration Block 1 Level 1, within the Office of Academic Administration & Services (OAAS). SSC provides a one-stop service that caters to the administrative needs and general enquiries of students and alumni.

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    Graduate Student Centre

    NTU Graduate Students' Association

    NTUGSA is the elected representative body of graduate student community in NTU, and is supported by the Student Affairs Office (SAO).

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