NIE International Graduate Student Conference 2020

The inaugural NIE International Graduate Student Conference (IGSC) 2020 is a flagship event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. The conference, an event organized by graduate students, for graduate students, will be held on 1-3 July 2020, at NIE, Singapore. The NIE IGSC2020 aims to provide a platform for a global community of graduate students to share and discuss their research, interact professionally, and to access graduate-level training in with insights on academic preparation and data analysis trends.

Conference background

The NIE IGSC2020 evolved from the Graduate Student Conference, which was first launched in 2012 as the "Graduate Student Day" by the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL) of NIE. The conference is now re-titled IGSC to reflect its broader scope and attendance from a diverse array of participating countries from the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Conference objective and scope

The theme of the NIE IGSC2020 is "Celebrating the Future of Interdisciplinary Research". This year’s conference will offer an opportunity to contemplate the future of this vibrant field for young researchers who bring new energy and enthusiasm to this growing field of inquiry.

The conference will be held on 1 – 3 July 2020, please save the date and stay tuned for more information!

Conference Programme
What you can participate in

There are different ways you may participate in this event. You may either present an oral paper, a poster, or participate in the competitive 3-minute thesis. Alternatively, you may wish to just join in as a participant, enjoy the talks and workshops, interact with other students, and soak in the atmosphere.

To access the guidelines please click on the images below.

Oral Presentation

Oral Presenters will be given 10 mins to make an oral presentation followed by a Q & A session.

Poster Presentation

Poster presenters will prepare an A1 poster describing the essential points and features of their work. They will be required to answer questions from the participants at the conference.

3 Minute Thesis

The 3MT challenges participants to present their research within 180 seconds, in an engaging form that can be understood by an audience without background in the research area.


Participants may sign up for workshops of their choice.

Publication Opportunities

The official Conference Proceedings for NIE IGSC2020 will be published online in a PDF format under an ISSN issued by the National Library Board of Singapore.

What you can present

The theme of NIE IGSC2020 is "Celebrating the Future of Interdisciplinary Research". We strongly encourage graduate students from various research disciplines to present their research work at this conference. If you do wish to present a paper, you will need to submit an abstract for it, which could be in any of the four areas or fields of study listed below.


Examples include, but are not limited to fields and topics such as Educational Psychology, Counselling, Sociology and History of Education, Special Needs and Early Childhood Education, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Multimedia and Information Technology, Curriculum Development, School and Educational Management, Educational Management, New Literacies, Digital Literacies, Disciplinarity, Inter- and Cross-Disciplinarity, and Cognitive-Developmental Psychology.

Science and Mathematics

Examples include, but are not limited to fields and topics such as Biological Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Molecular Biology, Agrotechnology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Biology Education), Chemistry (Natural Products Chemistry, Polymer and Surfactant Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemistry Education), Physics (Plasma Radiation and Microlithography, RF Plasmas and Materials, Laser-materials Interactive, Laser-based Biophysics, Computational Science, Physics Education), and Mathematics (Algebra, Analysis, Graph Theory, Mathematics Education, Mathematical Modelling, Operations Research, Topology, Statistics).

Arts and Humanities

Examples include, but are not limited to fields and topics such as English Language, English Literature, Literature Pedagogy, Comparative Literature/Post-colonial Literature/Contemporary Literature, Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language and Literature, History, History Education, Geography, Geography Education, Social Studies Education, Social Sciences, Music, Art, Drama and Performance, Drama Education, Emergent Asian Theatre Forms and Training, and New Approaches to Shakespeare Production.

Physical Education

Examples include, but are not limited to fields and topics such as Sport Science, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Biomechanics, Sport Studies, Exercise/Sports Psychology, Sociocultural Studies of Sport, Sports History, Sports Management, Sports Pedagogy, Curriculum Theory in Physical Education, Instructional Processes in Physical Education, and Teacher Knowledge and Development in Physical Education.


Information about the registration


NIE/NTU student and faculty: 50 SGD

Others : 200 SGD

*Presenters are expected to settle the payment only upon confirmation of abstract acceptance.

Important dates

Registration has been closed

Confirmation of abstract acceptance: by 17 February 2020

Conference fee payment: by 2 March 2020

Paper submission: by 2 May 2020

Organising Committee
Chair Mr George-Cristian Potrivitu
Ms Zhang Weiyu
Secretary Mr Tou Nien Xiang
Academic Committee Ms Qiao Ling Ling
Ms Sun Xiaoya
Ms Brigit Sebastian
Ms Edith Koh Hsing Dee
Ms Wang Fengjuan
Social Committee Mr Zhang Hui
Mr Loh Soon How
Publicity Subcommittee Ms Sim Hui Xuan Alexiaa
Mr Chen Yixiong
International Committee Mr Liu Yanhua
Mr Krit Niramittham
Ms Indah Wahyu Puji Utami
Sponsorship Committee Mr Philip Phua
Ms How Ee Ran
Ms Janna Loh
Faculty Advisors A/P Cheung Yin Ling (Associate Dean, Outreach and Engagement)
Asst/P Kee Ying Hwa (Assistant Dean, Higher Degrees by Research)
Administrative Support Ms Sharon Low Hun Ling
Ms Joanne S.Y. Lee
Ms Noor Azizah Binte Mokhtar


1 July 2020, Wednesday (Day 1)
Time Activity Venue
0830hrs Registration
0900hrs Preconference Workshop 1
"Quantitative content analysis"
by A/P Chen Wenli
1030hrs Preconference Workshop 2
"Common statistical procedures and how to apply them in research"
by A/P Doris Choy
1200hrs Lunch break (on your own)
1300hrs Preconference Workshop 3
"Altmetrics – The future of research impact measurement?"
by Ms Lim Mei Li Mae
1430hrs Preconference Workshop 4
"Writing literature review"
by A/P Cheung Yin Ling
1600hrs Preconference Social (for all registered participants)
1630hrs Graduate Student Meet and Greet
"BBQ get-togther party"
by NIE Graduate Student Club

2 July 2020, Thursday (Day 2)
Time Activity Venue
0830hrs Registration
0900hrs Opening Ceremony - Performance by NIE Winds
0930hrs Opening Keynote Address
by Professor David Evans, The University of Sydney
1030hrs Concurrent Session
1230hrs Lunch (for all registered participants)
1330hrs Concurrent Sessions
1530hrs Coffee break: Visit Poster Session 1
1600hrs Higher-degree students' discussion panel
"Discussion on writing challenges HD students face in their respective disciplines and strategies they use to overcome the challenges"
1700hrs Opening Reception (for all registered participants)

3 July 2020, Friday (Day 3)
Time Activity Venue
0830hrs Registration
0900hrs Concurrent Sessions
1100hrs 3MT Competition
1200hrs Lunch (for all registered participants)
1300hrs Concurrent Sessions
1500hrs Coffee break: Visit Poster Session 2
1530hrs Closing Keynote Address
by A/P Wong Meng Ee, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
1630hrs Awards Presentation Ceremony, Lucky Draw, Closing Remarks and NIE IGSC2022



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Graduate Student Day 2015

Three-Minute Thesis by Mohamed Heikal (GSD 2012)

Three-Minute Thesis by Gissella Lebron (GSD 2012)

Awards are given to best presenters in various categories. Here are the winners in previous editions of the Graduate Student Day/Graduate Student Coference.

2018 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Anivind Bindra PhD - NTU
3MT: 2nd George-Cristian Potrivitu PhD
3MT: 3rd Si Hui Regina Lim PhD
Poster: People's Choice Uha Isnaini PhD
Poster: People's Choice Viknesh Subramaniam MEd

2017 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Menon Jesudas Emanuel PhD
3MT: 2nd Tou Nien Xiang PhD
3MT: 3rd Chan Tsu Ai Ivy PhD
Poster: People's Choice Zhang Ruixue PhD

2016 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Tay Sihui, Cheryl PhD
3MT: 2nd Muhammad Cassim Mahmud Munshi PhD
3MT: 3rd Fatema Anis Hussain PhD
Poster: People's Choice Adeline Yong Yean Pin PhD

2015 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Haresh T Suppiah PhD
3MT: 2nd Yang Jing PhD
3MT: 3rd Tharuka Maduwanthi Prematillake MA
Poster: People's Choice Jang Hari MA

2014 Prize Winners

3MT: Best Teo Bee Lin EdD
3MT: Merit Wan Rizal Bin Wan Zakariah PhD
Poster: Best Adeline Yong Yean Pin PhD
Paper: Best Shen Peixin EdD
Paper: Merit Hoo Hui Teng EdD
Paper: Merit Shreenjit Kaur d/o Sardul Singh MEd
Paper: Merit Siew Hui Li June EdD
Paper: Merit Su Linting Theresa PhD

2013 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Chen Shurui Cheryl PhD
3MT: 2nd Wu Zonglun MA
3MT: 3rd Wan Rizal Bin Wan Zakariah PhD
Poster: 1st Su Linting Theresa PhD
Poster: 2nd Wong Yew Chong, Kester MSc
Poster: 3rd Lee Chang Yi Miriam PhD
Paper: 1st Siti Munira Bte Haidad Ali MSc
Paper: 2nd Lim Boon San Coral PhD
Paper: 3rd Haresh T Suppiah PhD

2012 Prize Winners

3MT: 1st Mohamed Heikal Bin Mohamed Yusope EdD
3MT: 2nd Gissella Bahoyo Lebron PhD
3MT: 3rd Yang Wensi MEd
3MT: People's Choice Mohamed Heikal Bin Mohamed Yusope EdD
Poster: 1st Gissella Bahoyo Lebron PhD
Poster: 2nd Choong Tsui Wei (Zhuang Cuiwei) PhD
Poster: 3rd Siti Munira Bte Haidad Ali MSc
Paper: 1st Gina Ong May Yuen MEd
Paper: 2nd Wang Ying PhD
Paper: 3rd Pereira Andrew Joseph PhD