About Us

Graduate Research & Academic Development (GRAD) Centre

The Graduate Research and Academic Development (GRAD) Centre was established in early January 2017, with strong support from the Senior Management of the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

The GRAD Centre falls under the purview of the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL), and is directed by Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Development. Centre services, workshops, and other academic activities are supported by a dedicated team of Higher Degree (HD) student volunteers, NIE faculty members, LIBRIS, and part-time consultants.

The ability to communicate ideas and research effectively through writing and speech should be a key learning process and outcome of any graduate education. It is with this in mind that NIE has established the Graduate Research and Academic Development (GRAD) Centre through the Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL). In response to our students’ request for greater support in academic learning and communication skills, the GRAD Centre will plan and deliver a rich programme to students to learn the writing and presentation skills that are essential to their academic success. The Assistant Dean, Graduate Student Development, and a number of experienced writing and communication consultants will support our students in this crucial aspect of their learning journey. They will also provide important training on how to offer peer feedback so that our students can learn from one another in an informed, knowledgeable and collaborative way. The GRAD Centre will also be planning programmes for strengthening our students research skills through both quantitative and qualitative approaches. These new skills will further strengthen our graduate students’ own repertories of academic and career skills. I would therefore like to encourage all our graduate students to make good use of these learning opportunities that NIE has provided for your learning.

The establishment of the GRAD Centre is a key milestone in NIE’s efforts in promoting a culture of “Learning Differently, Leading Change” amongst our graduate students. As you participate in GRAD Centre activities, I wish you a most fruitful and enjoyable journey as an NIE/NTU graduate student!

Professor John Wang
Dean, Graduate Studies & Professional Learning

The Mission

To provide higher degree students with support and training in academic writing, professional presentation, and statistical analysis so that they can be prepared for their graduate studies and future careers.

The Vision

To support NIE in providing first-rate graduate education, and to positively impact higher degree students' research and academic learning experiences.

Associate Professor CHEUNG Yin Ling

Associate Dean, Outreach and Engagement